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Keep The Attention Of Viewers

Member’s only B-Roll Club is going to let you keep the attention of your viewers on you, and away from your competition.

The videos you create, in order to be effective, always must look and feel fresh, and be seen as state of the art professional production.

That is why we have created the B-Roll Club, and we would like to offer you a chance to join it today.

Generates More Leads, Moves People To Action & Increases Profit.

With B-Rolls you can create high-quality videos that generates more leads, moves people to action, and increase profit.

B-roll footage is the secondary shots that do not show the main content.

It both helps separate the cuts and make main content way more interesting to watch.

You see B-Roll footage used on television and viral videos every day.

Why are B-Rolls so important?

If there was no B-Roll, a video can quickly becoming boring.

If you have spokesman talking about product for 5 min straight, without any B-Roll, people would just have to stare at the guy the whole time.

Visually it is not compelling or engaging and if you want to make money with your marketing videos you have to make sure you aren't boring people to tears.

A Fantastic Way To Make Your Videos More Interesting

B-roll also helps break up the progress which would otherwise might become boring.

In other words it is a special kind of footage which is fantastic way to make your videos more interesting, and can make an average video special and cool to share.

Instant Access to 600, 1200, or 2400 Professional B-Roll Footage Shots.

As a member of B-Roll Club you get 100, 200, or 400 professional B-Rolls every month depending on membership level you choose.

Our team has produced B-Roll video footage for long time already, and keeps producing more every month, so today we can give you a very special offer which is available for new buyers only.

This is an opportunity to get instant access to 6 months of B-Roll footage bundles, which are either 600, 1200, or 2400 professional B-Roll footage shots.

When you get B-Roll Club right now on this page, a selected pack will be accessible instantly inside your member area, so you can begin using it right away.

Here are Videos From
Just A Few Sample B-Rolls

Some Videos of B-Roll Club Silver

Some Videos of B-Roll Club Gold

Some Videos of B-Roll Club Platinum

Leading Edge Of The Video Marketing

With B-Roll Club you can always be on the leading edge of the video marketing, blowing away your competition and increasing your business this year and beyond.

Plus, if you are thinking about selling your videos and video services, having access to new powerful B-Rolls every month can dramatically increase your earnings and put you in higher demand by having much more to offer.

Exclusive, members only

B-Roll Club is exclusive, members only, and is designed for creators and marketers who want their videos to always be the ones that make people go wow.

Clearly the B-Roll Club can bring your videos to the next level, so go ahead, get access to the club, and we will see you inside the member area.

While it does not affect much longer videos, it is a critical problem for viral content like cinemagraphs and short looped videos.

In order to be effective viral content must play without any user interaction.

To solve that problem GraphPlayer can play GIF images instead of short videos when a webpage is viewed on a mobile device to skyrocket viral content potential.

It is the only video player that does it.

You Get ALL Months Instantly!

B-Roll Club Silver
6 Months Bundle

  • 600 B-Rolls
  • 100 B-Rolls/month


and then $9.95/mo

B-Roll Club Silver 6m

B-Roll Club Gold
6 Months Bundle

  • 1,200 B-Rolls
  • 200 B-Rolls/month


and then $14.95/mo

B-Roll Club Gold 6m

B-Roll Club Platinium
6 Months Bundle

  • 2,400 B-Rolls
  • 400 B-Rolls/month


and then $19.95/mo

B-Roll Club Platinum 6m
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